Strotter Inst.

16 October, Friday

21:00 - 21:45

Lindenfels Westflügel


Live, Strotter Inst. generates sound and rhythm structures of unique density from prepared lencos and other discarded or forgotten remnants of the cultural industry. The spectrum of Strotter Inst.'s music ranges from two-dimensional soundscapes to polyrhythmically condensed eruptions. The seemingly anachronistic instruments and their object-like character play a double game: The installation is visually captivating, but as it develops, the sounds draw attention to themselves, thus raising the second, auditory level beyond the installation. The sound structures of contemporary popular music become comprehensible despite, or perhaps because of, their analog processing, and result in an independent and surprisingly contemporary atmosphere in their respective space. Reprocessed LPs (cut, glued, supplemented, scraped, etc.) and other materials (fabric, metal, cardboard, paper, felt, etc.) are used as recordings, and sound cells are manipulated or rebuilt. Instead of the diamond, for example, violin strings, wire springs, or sewing needles are soldered into place.


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