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(Lena Czerniawska and Emilio Gordoa) 

15 — 18 October

Sound Installation

Plagwitz Westbahnhof


Rastros (eng. traces)

As our level of consumption increases, transnational companies have implemented tools that have become indispensable for functioning in society. Although these technological “developments” are harmful to our environment, the industry continues to grow in power and ambition.
We focus, through observing traces of humanity, on obsolete technology by extracting and recycling devices that are no longer indispensable, but were once were, to build installations. Mechanical structures, motors, and recycling resonance elements, texts, drawings, and field recordings, light, and photography serve as material to create a room of thoughts.

Lena Czerniawska’s main artistic focus is drawing and writing, and she sees this as the critical component of her practice from which her ideas are derived. Her work encompasses installations, books, performances, posters, and social projects. Conceptually, Lena’s multifaceted practice investigates reality through image and temporality and aims at harnessing the various influences across media that she has embraced over the years.

Emilio Gordoa works emphasize sound and performance as his means of communication. He's especially focused on experimental and explorative forms of music and works as a soloist and in multiple collaborations, with sound installations, theatre, and dance productions.


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