by Peter Strickmann + Evgenija Wassilew

17 + 18 October

14:00 - 15:30

at Eckladen – Noch Besser Leben (meeting point)

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On a composed route through Lindenau/Plagwitz's various strategies of collective listening and notlistening in public space are put to the test. In several stages, the collaged walk leads along individual listening-thresholds and selected attentions within the district‘s everyday scenarios.

Distance and hygiene rules are being observed!

Peter Strickmann installs, performs and manipulates audible activity in public and private environments, observing, confronting and questioning the habits of hearing in both routine and unusual contexts. He realizes installations, essayistic projects/field trips, as well as situational sound performances and concerts in various improvising groups, duos and solo.

Evgenija Wassilew's work includes installations, performances and sound- and text-based recordings. They touch on boundaries and possibilities of communication, in which different worlds of perception meet. The emotional effects of voice, music and noise often form the starting point for graphic transcriptions, acoustic recordings and performative interventions.


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