performing "Enantiodromia"

16 October, Friday

20:00 - 20:45

Lindenfels Westflügel


Pareidolia is a duo that investigates the radical extremes of presence and absence: a sonic phenomenon which usually lies beyond the human threshold of perception, reconfiguring the embodiment of instrument and performer in space, and plucking spectral voices from the air. Pareidolia is Marta Zapparoli and Liz Allbee.

Marta works with self-built antennas, world-wide band receivers, scanners, and detectors. Liz works with a self-built quadraphonic trumpet and tine-wave spatialization. Together the two perform a long-form multi-channel composition of haunting intensity.

Enantiodromia – the process by which everything becomes its opposite at all times – was considered by Heraclitus to be the underlying principle of the universe. In the inversions, shifts, polarities, and collisions of daily life, we see this principle in action – the transformations of one into its other. However, the most striking metaphor for this phenomenon is the moon, rhythmically waxing and waning (from our earthly perspective) without end. The moon is of matter, symbol, and myth – it exists dynamically as both nature and culture. In Enantiodromia, we take the moon as an inspiring jumping-off point to speak musically about the nature of change and the transformation of opposites. Our duo reflects this relational aspect as well: Marta brings the outside in – receiving and performing radio waves from our atmosphere and signals from outer space – while Liz turns the inside out – amplifying the micro-architecture of the instrument into the performance space. By playing together, we shift and transform these signals: making music for Enantiodromia!


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